Maurizio Goina
passo a sei ----Passo a sei (2012), music-video.
il suono di una mano ----Il suono di una mano (2009), music-video.
One widely known koan is "Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one hand?"
nuvolare ----Nuvolare (2006-2008), music-video. In the middle between reality and fantasy, heaviness and lightness, opacity and transparency. Images are from Brighton. The voice is that of the author.
DI-VISI ----DI-VISI (2007), multimedia composition. Concept, music and video by Maurizio Goina, choreography by Sarah Taylor, dancers Valentina Moar and Denny Fiorino.

----Sixteen Tons (2007), multimedia performance. Choreography by Rosie Whitney-Fish, music, live electronics and video by Maurizio Goina, singer/improviser Natasha Lohan, performers Angeliki Chatzi, Nicola Connibre and Roxannie Zogana.

----Joy (2007), concrete music (original voice Natasha Lohan). The text is based on an old cook-book, "The Joy of Cooking".
DI-VISO ----DI-VISO (2006), video. A study on some expressive features of the face, single elements are recombined in a “monstrous” way.

----Gradatim (2006), music for viola, live electronics and pre-recorded sounds. The sound of the playing viola is used in order to create a rhythmical and harmonic texture, on which the viola plays always new elements, sometimes simultaneously with pre-recorded rhythmical steps. Two performers are required, a viola player and a live electronics player.
nongianni ----Nongianni (2005), music video. Inspired by the works and the poetics of the painter Giorgio Morandi. Music is composed with processed sounds of metal and glass.

zois ----Zois (2004), music video. After a century from his first arrival, James Joyce comes back to Trieste and goes around looking for his familiar places. Video is composed just with sequences of pictures, music is composed with recombined fragments of a recording of John Cage reading a piece from the “Finnegans Wake”.

flatland ----Flatland (2004), music video. It is freely inspired by the novel of the same title that was written by Edwin A. Abbott, and tells about a bi-dimensional world, in which inhabitants are flat geometrical figures living on a flat surface. One day a Sphere comes and makes them know the mysteries of the third dimension. Video has been realized using 3D technique, and photographies taken on a motorway during the night. Audio has been composed with processed noises from the sink of the kitchen.